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• College Sports Head Injuries
• Eight Mile Mercaptan Spill
• Smoke Alarms
• Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
• Transvaginal Mesh Failure
• Stryker Modular Hip Replacement
• Pfizer Lipitor Lawsuit
• Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit
• Mirena IUD Lawsuit

• Brain Injuries
• Car Accidents
• Consumer Fraud
• Dangerous Drugs
• Defective Products
• Nursing Home Negligence
• Offshore Accidents
• Slip and Fall
• Truck Accidents
• Workers' Compensation
• Wrongful Death

Brad Kittrell - Personal Injury Lawyer Mobile AL

Brad Kittrell

Brad Kittrell has been helping the people of Alabama obtain fair compensation & justice for personal injury, civil litigation, and wrongful death cases for many years. For your convenience, our office is located in Mobile, AL. Brad has years of legal experience handling personal injury cases and civil litigation to assist you if you are injured on the job or in an accident. When it comes to civil litigation, he focuses mainly on personal injury, slip and fall, automobile accidents wrongful death, workers’ compensation and nursing home negligence.

For each case that he takes on, Brad provides free consultations. He is happy to answer any and all of your questions in regard to your case. You will get a firsthand, professional opinion as to whether he is the right personal injury lawyer in Mobile AL to take on your case. Call Brad today for help with automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, civil litigation and your other personal injury needs.

Brad not only has many years of experience practicing law, he also has many years of experience in trying cases. He always makes every effort to successfully negotiate a settlement for the client. Don’t be afraid to ask any potential attorney you are talking to how many times he or she has tried cases like yours. If the case can’t be settled, Brad Kittrell will adamantly present your case to the jury in an effort to get you a fair and just verdict. His experience with personal injury cases in Mobile, AL, makes him qualified for your case.

If you’ve suffered an injury through the fault of another, such as a slip and fall or automobile accident, don’t wait. Call Brad Kittrell today. He takes pride in thoroughly listening to your case and providing the legal advice that you’re looking for; everything from personal injury to civil litigation to wrongful death. Contact Brad Kittrell in Mobile, AL today to schedule your initial consultation.