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What To Do When A Defective Part Caused Your Accident

defective car partWhen your breaks or power steering suddenly stop working and you get in an accident, it’s easy to feel helpless. About 20-50 million people are injured or disabled annually as a result of car crashes around the world. Usually, it’s possible to place blame on one of the drivers involved. But what happens when car accidents are caused by defective car parts? With the right lawyer on your side, you can work to prove fault on the correct party in your auto accident case.

Possible Liability For Defective Parts

Proving fault in an auto accident case can often be tricky, but this can be even more difficult when the accident is a result of defective products. Most of the time, you can place blame on one of three parties:

  • Auto Manufacturer: Car makers put a significant amount of time into making cars as safe as possible, but sometimes details slip through the cracks. Most of the time, these errors are either design flaws or production errors, depending on when the mistake occurred.
  • Mechanic: If you brought your car in for a repair and the mechanic didn’t fix the problem, they could be liable in your suit. This can be especially true if they made the damage worse.
  • Driver: Unfortunately, you may not always be able to place blame elsewhere. The car owner may be held responsible when they drove a car for an extended period of time knowing that there was something wrong with it.

To determine the specific cause of your accident, you should work with your personal injury lawyer and investigate these external parties.

What If There Was A Recall?

If you enter a personal injury case and your lawyer believes defective car parts may be to blame for your accident, they will likely look into a recall. The car manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalls vehicles when there is a defective part. When this happens, car owners are entitled to a free repair or replacement at the dealership.

But if the defective part caused your accident, you might be entitled to a product liability lawsuit. To win one of these suits, you will need to prove that the vehicle was defective when you bought it, that you were practicing safe driving, and that the error caused you damages.

To prove that you were not a negligent driver and that a defective car part was actually to blame, be sure to hire a qualified attorney. Having a professional on your side will increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

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