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Employee Injuries In The Restaurant Industry: Know Your Rights

workers rightsThe restaurant industry involves fast-paced and often dangerous environments, sometimes leading to employee injuries. These types of workplace injuries can be tricky since it’s difficult to prove fault. If you burn your hand, for example, it might be simply an accident — or it may be a result of poor maintenance or defective products. This guide will help you understand your workers rights and legal options.

What are common injuries for restaurant employees?
When working in a restaurant, you likely experience plenty of hazards. This means that injuries like lacerations, burns, muscle strains, and repetitive motion injuries are fairly common. About 85% of workers’ compensation claims are due to employees slipping on wet floors, and this type of accident is also common when workers are moving around a restaurant and kitchen. Illness and toxic exposure are also possible if the restaurant owner is not managing ventilation well.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?
Personal injury law varies by state. So, if you are injured at work, it’s essential to contact a lawyer for a consultation. A legal professional will take a look at your case and determine whether you can prove negligence. If the employer acted with intentional or gross negligence, and could have prevented your injury, you might have a personal injury case.

How can I receive compensation for my injuries?
Most businesses with employees have some type of workers compensation insurance to cover these types of injuries. If you sustain a slip and fall injury, or other type of accident, at work, it’s important to contact a workers compensation attorney. They will help you navigate your case, as first settlement is not always the best option. Just be sure to contact an attorney quickly, as there is generally a statute of limitations for these types of injuries.

Your workers rights are one of your most important terms of employment, and qualified attorneys can help ensure that these rights are met. If you are injured at work, be sure to report the accident to your employer and schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on your state’s laws, your attorney can help you understand your specific rights.

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