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Injured At Work? 5 Steps To Take Now

injured at workWhen you are injured at work, it’s important to remember that you have rights. With the right legal help, you can try to get compensated for your workplace injuries. To increase your chances of success, slow down and pay attention to detail. Take the time to follow these steps after your accident.

Step 1: Address any injuries.
Get to a doctor as soon as possible to treat any injuries and obtain medical records. Some states require that you visit a doctor of your company’s choice, so ask your employer about this. Make sure that your supervisor knows that you are seeking medical treatment, so they can inform you of any other company policies.

Step 2: Obtain a copy of the accident report.
While 85% of workplace injuries happen when employees slip on slick surfaces, these incidents can take many forms. Ensure that your supervisor filed an accident report and that you secure a copy of it. This way, you have a record of your employer’s actions following the incident.

Step 3: Hire a workers compensation lawyer.
When you are injured at work, it’s important to work with an expert on the details. A workers compensation attorney can help guide you through your workers rights and intricacies of your contract. By putting your case in the hands of a professional, you can also avoid any errors that might compromise your situation.

Step 4: Look into your state’s workers comp laws.
Remember that every state has different workers compensation laws and regulations. Work with your lawyer to learn how you are covered for a slip and fall, as well as other types of accidents. You company may also have its own regulations, so ask your employer for this information and read it thoroughly with your lawyer.

Step 5: Follow your lawyer’s instructions.
Your workers comp attorney will lay out a detailed plan for your legal case. It’s important that you stick to this to avoid any personal actions that could compromise your case. Also ask them about how you should behave outside of your attorney’s office, as things like social media can be detrimental.

If you are injured in the workplace, you need the best possible attorney on your side. Brad Kittrell is the workers comp lawyer Mobile AL trusts, and is happy to help you in your case.

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